We are currently back in production and 
filming as much as safely possible through July and August!
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The universe has thrown a tremendous challenge to humanity. 

When we started HUMANTHEM we set out to create meaningful short films to help and to inspire those suffering through complicated social issues, and for those concerned about the environment.  We could never have imagined the pandemic the world was about to face.  Ten days ago we suspended productions on important short films dealing with teen suicide, eating disorders, equality, and climate change.  Part of the reason was out of necessity; travel for our team was becoming impossible and social distancing was starting to be encouraged.  But we also suspended our planned productions for a different reason.  We realized our mission to help people through difficult times would now be more important than ever, and that we’d have to reinvent our entire strategy and workflow.
In the midst of the confusion, sadness, fears, and chaos surrounding this worldwide pandemic, HUMANTHEM, for the next few months, will focus on this issue. While our previous film topics are important and deeply personal, they will have to wait for brighter days.  Today we are announcing the combination of our creative forces, including YOU, to help fill the world with uplifting content related to the pandemic.  
Challenge accepted, universe!
Our ability to create content together as a team (each member of our team is located in a different state) may be over for the foreseeable future, and while that saddens us, it is not going to stand in the way of our mission.  We have spent the last ten days devising a new, collaborative strategy and have started implementing a completely new production flow.  While the young members of our team have been busy adjusting to their own life situations and new school expectations, they and their families have at the same time been learning the technical side of new cameras, filming techniques, audio recording, file formats, frame rates and content transfers, … all things that were never expected of them. While we may not be perfect moving forward, we promise to do our best in these crazy circumstances.  
Get ready everybody.  It’s time to help save humanity!
All of our resources, talent, and ability will now shift to helping and inspiring each other through this challenging time, as best we can.  If you are a producer that contributed to our WILD Humanity 2020 campaign, we thank you for understanding this focus for HUMANTHEM.  WILDerland and WILDsides productions have been scheduled to take place much later in the year and will not be affected (hopefully). As a bonus, we can confirm that Alec in WILDerland’s 10-Year Anniversary Texas Special is in the can!! It will be released May 10th! Thank you all so much!  Be safe out there!

We got this! –Asher
Be Nimble, Be Quick! –Jack
Stay WILD! –Alec
Equality for All! –Tyler
Wait, What!? –Sam

Team WILDerland / Team HUMANTHEM / Team WILDsides
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